Can I see my artwork before my appointment?

Well, this is a common question with a complicated answer; but a good one! Let me explain.

I don’t send out artwork prior to an appointment over the Internet, but there is a time allowance included in your appointment time should any changes need to be made. It’s a pretty standard protocol in the tattoo industry, as I have a custom shop and am a custom artist, and I draw up all my artwork for my clients. This is also a way to ensure compensation for the time spent doing your artwork, and that my artwork isn't taken elsewhere and done in a manner unintended by me. I like to think the best of people and that this isn't a thing that would happen, but sadly it has and unfortunately I have had to implement this rule.

Just make sure you’re clear with me about what it is that you want done and that we’re on the same page. Clarity and a good conversation are essentially all I need. I am more than happy to accommodate in person consultations if that is something you would like to do.

This is also because I’m very busy responding to clients, doing artwork and doing tattoo work itself; not to mention all of the other tasks of a business owner. That being said, if I do have the chance to have it done in advance, I would be more than happy to show it to you in person if you could stop by the shop. I would let you know if I had it done in advance.

If you have more questions regarding artwork for your tattoo appointment, feel free to reach out.