Curious about my deposit policy, and what your deposit is for?

Upon booking, you will be required to put down a deposit on your appointment. This is to secure your space, and to ensure compensation for my time should the occasion arise that you do not show up for your appointment. For this reason, deposits are non-refundable.

Your deposit holds your space, and shows me that you are dedicated to being tattooed as much as I am dedicated to doing your artwork and the tattoo itself. 

I am a reasonable human being, and am happy to accommodate changes to appointment time, but I do require as much notice as possible when moving your appointment to a new date. If you give me less than 48 hours notice and I am thus unable to fill your spot, a new deposit will be required. Extenuating circumstances will of course be considered, such as illness and major life events.

A note on trying to rebook after no-call no-showing. I reserve the right at any time to refuse service to anyone I believe to be making a mockery of my time and energy. If I do take you on after such a time as you no-call no-showing, your appointment will need to be paid for in full up front.