Image 1 of NO/NON Keychain. Image 2 of NO/NON Keychain. Image 3 of NO/NON Keychain. Image 4 of NO/NON Keychain.

NO/NON Keychain.


Say “no” in at least 4 languages with this handy dandy little number: English, French, Spanish, ASL… and if you hold it just right, you can make it 5 with using body language!

A black outline of a hand with the ASL sign for “no”, with “NO/NON” in white font over a pretty shimmery background of glitter, and imitation silver leaf accents.

Keychain disc face measures 2” (5cm). Thickness varies, as pieces are individually handmade and customized, but are approximately 2.5mm +

Keychain and ring material are stainless steel. Charm is sponge.
Materials used on acrylic disc include vinyl, resin, uv resin dye, glitter and imitation silver leaf.

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